Recruitment / Promotion Policy

Official Guild Policy Documents. New recruits are required to read each document and make sure you agree to everything before applying. Members, please bookmark, and subscribe to these documents. On occasion we will update them, and they will need to read over again.

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Recruitment / Promotion Policy

Postby CyberVic » Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:14 pm

Short Summary of How it Works
(For those who don't want to read the fine details)

    Step 1: Join the guild as a Member
    Step 2: Register for an account on our boards
    Step 3: Activate your account (check your email)
    Step 4: Login to your account
    Step 5: Apply for a raiding team promotion
    Step 6: Wait for an officer to process your application

The Fine Details

Dual membership with alternate characters in a guild of significance is not allowed. "Of Significance" basically can be summed up by, if you think your membership and activity in that other guild would some how cause conflict, drama, or otherwise have a major affect on your involvement and ability to raid in HILYMI, then you probably shouldn't be in that other guild. In a nutshell, your character in HILYMI should be considered your main character and HILYMI your main guild. Contact an officer for clarification if necessary.

You join HILYMI as a member, but to progress as a member, you need to register on the website. Make sure to respond to the email confirmation. From there, you then fill out our member promotion application. Fill out the form completely and honestly. When you submit, a forum post will be made on your behalf with all the details your filled out. That forum post will then be used for tracking your promotion request.

This may seem harsh, but we take pride in HILYMI membership and it is not given lightly. Honestly our process is rather simple and if you're a good recruit you won't find it difficult at all. The recruitment period is usually between 1-4 weeks. During this time recruits are expected to be active in Ventrilo, participate in guild groups & events, and to be an active participate on the boards. If a member has shown progress, but has extenuating circumstances (RL got in the way, etc) then it is up to the member to state their situation to an Officer to get an approval for an extension.

It is up to the member to make sure their promotion process runs smoothly. After they have been deemed a valuable asset to the guild, they are then promoted to raider or core raider status as appropriate. Sometimes if your application is good enough you will be promoted to Raider right away and we will continue to evaluate you for core raider position over a period of a week or two. The officers will work with you on your status. If you wish a core seat, ask an officer on how you might be able to become a core raider.

We all want to build a strong community of players that we can share World of Warcraft with. We take pride in our enthusiastic and active membership and look forward to our continued growth. If you need clarification for any of these policies or have any questions, please contact our recruitment officer or guild leader.
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