Raid / Loot Policies

Official Guild Policy Documents. New recruits are required to read each document and make sure you agree to everything before applying. Members, please bookmark, and subscribe to these documents. On occasion we will update them, and they will need to read over again.

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Raid / Loot Policies

Postby CyberVic » Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:13 pm

General Raid Expectations

1. Members are expected to come to raids "prepared". The scheduled raid time is when we want to START the raid, in other words, buffs and pulls. The officers and others will sometimes provide group stat food, pots, and flasks, but don't expect them to be provided. To us, prepared means:
    a) Have a stack of your stat food and 4 of your flasks (5 of each type if you are capable of dual spec raiding) for back up purposes.
    b) Have a stack of your potion of choice.
    c) Be fully repaired, gemmed, and enchanted.
    d) Know all fights, and boss abilities.
    e) Be in vent, signed on as your main's name.
    f) Be in your respective chat channel in game. Ask an officer or archetype lead for your channel.
    g) Finally, be in the raid and in the instance before 7:00pm. 7:00 is when we begin the first pull. Expect to be there 5 or 10 minutes early.

2. Members are expected to trust in our loot system. No system is 100% fair, but HILYMI does a very good job of sharing the wealth. Loot is a sensitive topic. If you disagree with a decision or have any comments about awards made please use a PM. Do not make comments in /raid or /guildsay and take away the thrill for the person receiving the loot. Be happy for the guildie who received the award. Your time will come.

3. Members are expected to stand and die when it's appropriate. When you agro when you shouldn't have and you alone have aggro and the raid does not, just stand and die. Do not wipe the rest of the raid. Running at us hoping we'll save you will likely result in you still dying. Also when "wipe it up" is called, stand and die. Don't keep fighting or healing, just die the best you can.

4. Members are expected to do corpse runs and rebuff quickly. Do not expect healers to do a corpse run and resurrect you, waiting for a rez while the rest of the raid and healers run back is disrespectful. It also slows our raiding down if we're rezing you when you should have been running back.

5. Members are expected to keep the raid channels clear so raid leadership can issue direction. Take general conversations to tells or /guild. If you have an important question to ask, Ventrilo is best because most raid leaders don't read raid chat, but rather communicate over vent during a raid.

6. Members are expected to attend the raids they are available for. Notifying the guild via the forums if you are unable to attend a raid is required for reducing your penalty.

7. Members are expected to give the raid leader PLENTY of prior notice when the need arises that they must take an extended AFK (longer than 10 minutes) or if they have to leave the raid. We understand things come up, but most of the time we know when we have to leave early well in advance, it's courteous to let the raid leader know so he / she can plan accordingly.

8. Members are expected to find replacements for themselves if they have to leave a raid early. We are not a hardcore guild that requires you to raid 6+ hours a night. We raid for 3-4 hours, so if you can't commit to the full raid, please ensure that you have someone lined up to replace you so that way the raid leader doesn't have to figure it out themselves.

9. Members are expected to not participate in the douche-baggery that often happens in raid instance local chat. Profanity, arguments, or taunts are considered bad form by HILYMI and most of the gaming community in general.

Required Add-ons

There are several other addons which aren't required but highly recommended that are class specific. There are just too man to list which are class specific, but there are several addons that help you optimize your dps when certain buffs proc in most cases. Speak with an Archetype Officer to figure out what recommended addons can help your dps / healing / tanking.

Now for the actual required ones for ALL classes and ALL archetypes:
Deadly Boss Mods - A whole suite of mods which place markers, announcements, and other stuff to help you through boss mechanics
GTFO - Get the Fuck Out. You might already be a good raider who doesn't stand in stuff, but this addon makes you a great raider and you will NEVER EVER stand in stuff after installing this addon. Well not more than the first time. ;-)
Omen - Threat meter. Good for dps and tanks. Not technically necessary for healers, but get it anyhow. With modern threat rules this is arguably not necessary, but still highly recommended especially for high end dps.
Quartz - This is 100% essential for any class who has a cast bar. Even hunters should have Quartz. The DPS difference between someone using quartz and not using quartz is substantial.

Procedure For Selecting Raid Members

Raid invites start about 15 minutes before raid start time and END promptly at raid start time. If you are late and the raid is full you will likely not get into the raid unless we need a replacement. Trash pulls will start promptly at raid start time, if there is overflow they will be whittled out of the raid promptly after raid start time. If you are online and wish tyo be on standby list, you are expected to be in the raid channel in mumble, and preferably watching the raid if it's being streamed on Twitch.

In general, please don't argue with the raid leader's decisions on who goes and who isn't going on raids. It's a hard thing to work out when there's too many people online and you have to decide who goes and who doesn't. People getting upset about not going just makes it worse, so just trust that our officers try our best to be fair while also meeting guild progression goals when forming raids.

1. Officers, Archetypes
These people need to be on raids to help run them and evaluate recruits, sorry not playing favorites, it's just a fact of life from an operations perspective.

2. Key Roles
Tanks, healers, or other key roles always can potentially trump everything. Before filtering down people we immediately focus on key roles first, then widdle down the raid after. A viable, successful raid is our goal and is respectful to everyone's time and efforts.

3. Core Raiders
We are a progression guild and we need all our core raiders to be on raids if we want to progress smoothly. In the event of too many players of in a given rank / role, the raid leader will make a judgement call on who to bring based on who gets to raid the most / least (or in the case of farm bosses, who "needs" the kill and who doesn't) to give every one of our players a fair chance at raid time.

4. Raiders
If a player drops consistently below 90% average availability or if an archetype lead judges that you have fallen below the skill bar, then they are automatically dropped from the core team to the regular raid team. These members are essentially our bench when all of the core team can make it and will only be given priority when their availability meets our minimum expectations or they resolve whatever skill issues are placing them in the core rank.

5. Members
Individuals in members are generally friends, family, or casual member and neither meet the skill expectations nor the attendance expectations of the guild. These individuals are welcome to raid if / when we are doing farm content and have room for them.

Loot Distribution
We distribute loot via a loot council, favoring a balance of those who have the most need with what will help our progression while also considering a bit who hasn't gotten gear from the raid in a while. As a general rule we prefer to gear tanks before healers and healers before dps. Also, as a general rule we try to complete 2 set bonuses before 4 set bonuses unless it's something absolutely crucial like the 4 set bonuses tanks received during Dragon Soul. Rare mounts are rolled upon by all members in good standing.

Normal Gearing
Core Tanks > Core Healers > Core DPS >
Raider Tank > Raider Healer > Raider DPS >
All Backups

Heroic Gearing
BiS Upgrade > Bigger Upgrade

In 10m, loot is decided by the group on the raid. Most of the time on a 10m there is only 1 or 2 people who could use an item, so it's fairly simple. When multiple people someone equally deserve an item, they may end up rolling.

In a 25m, loot is initially distributed to a team lead most appropriate to distribute that loot and then that person distributes the loot among team members via tells or their team's channel to speed up the distribution of many pieces of loot in 25m. Teams are encouraged to work together on peaceful and effective loot distribution. In the case of multiple conflicting opinions on who it should go to, the officers might step in to be tie breakers or may just call for a roll off. Whatever the officers decide, know that sometimes loot is almost always a grey area and we do our best to make decisions. Sometimes especially when a lot of people want loot we'll explain our logic, don't argue it. Sometimes we won't explain it at all. Just trust that we do our best and trust in our officers to look after the guild as a whole is what is important. If you've got your heart set on a specific piece of loot, always make your team lead aware of your wishes through loot lists and regular communication.
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