Core Raider Rank Requirements

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Core Raider Rank Requirements

Postby CyberVic » Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:24 pm

These are the expectations of all core raiders (in order of relative importance).

Core raiders are expected to work diligently toward character mastery. This means enchants, gems, talents, and skills need to be honed, perfected, and if you need assistance in this, you are expected to work with you Archetype officer to resolve any issues. Everyone has room to improve. Everyone should have a BURNING desire to improve and seek it out. If you ever have to click on anything on your screen ( other then a mouse over casting ) you are doing it wrong. If you don't have a way to track the cool downs of all your spells, you are doing it wrong. If you don't have a timer for internal cool downs ( trinket/weapon procs, etc ) you are doing it wrong. If you don't have a way to track your own debuffs/dots on your target(s), you are doing it wrong. If you don't know when something trackable by DBM is going to happen, you are really doing it wrong. If you pull aggro, you are doing it wrong. If you stood in fire and didn't know it, you did it wrong. Don't do it wrong, do it right. I expect it. You all should expect it of one another.

Core raiders are always expected to have their game faces on when the on a boss. If we were all serious all the time, it wouldn't be a game. With that said, people need to understand the difference between "screwing around time" and what I call "game face" time. Game face time should be the time in which you have 100% focus, you don't have TV's in the background distracting you, you aren't catching up on a TV series on Hulu on your second monitor, even your wife / kids understand that gameface time is focus time and you need to be "in the zone" to down a boss. Every single boss, even if it's a farm boss should receive that level of focus. Even if we are going back to old content to get achievements, you should have the same level of focus as if we were doing progression for the first time. I give that level of focus, so you should to.

Time Commitment
Core raiders are expected to put in the time necessary to ensure we are successful as a raid team. Part of the value of this flexible raid schedule is to respect people's familial commitments while keeping the commitments to one another to succeed in this game. For that to work out well, it means not wasting each other's time. This starts with everyone using the spreadsheet on time. It continues with knowing boss fights and your role before we step inside the raid. Finally, during the raid make sure you respect everyone's time by showing up before the raid starts, stay till it ends, be back before breaks are over and pay attention to raid leader's instructions the first time. If you are unclear on what needs to be done, ask before we pull.

Ahead of the Curve
Core raiders are expected to stay ahead of the learning curve. If we want to stay ahead of the curve, it means that every player should take advantage of the beta server. When class changes are coming, you should know about those class changes in advance and be ready to take day-1 actions to adjusting your spec, gear, or whatever is necessary to utilize the performance gains or minimize the performance losses when buffs / nerfs come to your class. Beta should also be used to learn new class mechanics on beta before they hit live. Similarly with expansions, you are expected to learn the content ahead of time and prepare to level quickly in accordance to the ready to raid goals as posted near expansion time. Each tier I will establish a ready to raid goal and a stretch goal. If we hit the goal I will be happy, but I hope as many people as possible push for the stretch goal. In general, when a new tier hits, I expect we should stay in lock step with the top 5-10 of the 10m guilds on the server. During heroic progression part of the tier, I expect to stay in the top 5.

Build a Knowledgebase
Core raiders are expected to perform like a world class team. I expect the members of each sub-team team (tanks/dps/heals) to talk among one another, establishing strategies as a world class team. To stay on the forefront of progression, we need to be capable of establishing our own strategies, to break down encounters and build our own internal knowledge base on solving problems. Everyone should be excited after every raid on doing some kind of research before the next raid to solve some problem and figure out how we can do better at the next raid. If this means you look at your own parses on World of Logs or maybe look at what other guilds are doing or possibly even just looking at the incoming damage and doing calculations on what HPS we need to be to out heal the aoe damage of a given encounter. Whatever it takes, I expect everyone to be working as a team to figure it out.

Shared Accountability
Core raiders are expected to hold each other accountable for one another's performance levels. Part of this is the expectation that anyone in the guild can "call you on" something you can improve upon and we all need to have thick enough skin to take constructive criticisms from our peers. What this doesn't give us a free opportunity to be dicks to one another, which is why I describe it as constructive criticism. Of course with accountability comes your duty to respond to that constructive criticism and do something about it. You can't just accept the criticism and never improve, you should take it upon yourself to make whatever changes are necessary to improve your abilities. Again, as long as people are improving, that's all we can ask. So expect to be held accountable and you should hold other people equally accountable. Without shared accountability, the offices have to be police and for us to be world class and agile we need to improve as a team, not because Liv said so.

Core raiders are expected to be flexible in their classes and specs. Everyone, or almost everyone, should have 2 different roles/specs that they can perform just as well as they are expected to perform their main role. This means that hunters, warlocks, mages and rogues will be encouraged to roll and gear an alt, primarily on their own.
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