Member Expectations

Official Guild Policy Documents. New recruits are required to read each document and make sure you agree to everything before applying. Members, please bookmark, and subscribe to these documents. On occasion we will update them, and they will need to read over again.

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Member Expectations

Postby CyberVic » Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:08 pm

Member Expectations

The following is a guide to what is expected behavior for any member of Hit It Like You Mean It. Much of this guide is based around the practice of "treat others as you yourself would like to be treated" and Wil Weaton's now famous quote "Don't be a Dick".

1. Members are expected to represent the guild with pride and honor. Griefing, harassment, and in general being a dick to people in our guild or otherwise, will not be tolerated.

2. Members are expected to wear your tabard, at the very least during raids / events. The Jester's Cap on it is there to remind you that you should always have fun and even when we get serious and buckle down during progression raids, don't forget it's a game and to enjoy yourself. It's also a matter of pride that everyone wears it.

3. Members are expected to check the guild web site/forums at least once a week. Key items to be aware of are the monthly captain's log, knowledge base, and battle reports. If you do not check and post on the boards, you will feel and be left out.

4. Members are expected to utilize the guild's Ventrilo server. At the very least, everyone is required to be in Ventrilo for raids, but you are HIGHLY encouraged to use Vent outside of raids. Verbal communication also helps a lot when raid invites begin.

5. Members are expected to calmly and non-dramatically work to resolve conflicts. People will ALWAYS have disagreements, BUT do not be dramatic about conflict resolution. If you have a problem, your first option is not to be dramatic or even worse, quit on the guild. We see every person as an investment and a family member. Give us the courtesy of explaining, resolving, or finding a compromise before you fly off the handle. Ventrilo discussions help resolve miscommunication common in text communication. Sometimes discussing things in Vent alone helps resolve conflict.

6. Members are expected to only take from the guild vault as much as they give. This doesn't mean dollar for dollar, but in general you need to ensure that you're contributing to the guild back as much if not more than you take from it. If everyone contributes a little, everyone benefits in the long run.

7. Members are expected to keep chat somewhere between ‘PG-13’ and ‘Rated-R’. While we are a mature guild and swearing is acceptible, swearing AT people is unacceptable. Topics to avoid are race, religion, politics, and anything else that is real life related and highly confrontational in subject matter. Make sure that if someone asks you to tone it down to do so immediately. You never know when kids might be in the room.

8. Members are expected to not participate in illegal in/out of game activities (exploiting, bot'ing, paid gaming services) as stated in the Terms of Use agreement with Blizzard. Basically if it's something that if a GM knew you were doing and would even give you a warning, these are things we don't condone to be done whether you can get away with it or not (or if "everyone else" is doing it).
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