Guild Core Values and Vision

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Guild Core Values and Vision

Postby CyberVic » Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:13 pm

Our Core Values

We firmly believe in a friendly, social environment where a lot of members know each other on a first name basis, enjoy each other's time in Ventrilo, and enjoy our time spent together just as much as any epic loot. Epics can and will be replaced, but friends last longer than any game.

We promote and support a diverse yet unified team. We work together to meet common goals while striving to achieve excellence in all we do, creating guild, team and individual success.

We treat everyone the way we wish to be treated, both in guild as well as the general player community. We firmly believe in Wil Weaton's philosophy, "Don't be a Dick".

While we wish to progress as much as any other guild, we strongly believe in progression through innovation, quick thinking, and a deep experience in strategy and coordination rather than "stacking the odds" by min/maxing the encounters. This also ties into our core value of teamwork because we support a diverse class mixture in any encounter.

Our Guild Vision

Vision is one of the hardest things to put into words. While change can be accomplished over time by orchestrating well planned change stepsto lead to the end vision, the end vision itself can still be something that people don't "see" easily or grasp. Communicating Vision is hard because it's a dream state in one man's mind, in this case a vision of the perfect guild. Much of this is of course influenced by prior experiences in other great guilds.

The purpose of communicating this vision is to attract and keep core members who also believe in the vision and establish the culture necessary to support it and officers to maintain the systems in place to support it. Culture, like in many organizations, is a KEY component. This is particularly important in the kind of organization I wish to lead. People's attitudes are paramount to our success. While change will always happen (as the game changes around us), I think that my vision is and will always be... something like this.

The people:
There is always 20+ people on every night on non raid nights. On raid nights there are 30+ people on.
People genuinely love the environment of the guild and describe it as a second home / second family.
People genuinely respect one another
People are are happy to stand aside for others and wait patiently on standby.
People always do things together, rarely pugging and only if they have to.
People help one another out with trade skills, contribute to the vault.
People talk often on the forums. Share life stories, baby pictures, and wish each other happy birthday.
People always get in vent, most of the time before logging into game.
People talk often in guild chat, but often only supplementary since vent is the primary communication medium.
People are excited to attend guild meetings that are celebratory / communicative
People are PROUD of being in the guild and wear the guild tabard to show their guild pride

The raiding:
Raiders work together as a TEAM to accomplish shared goals
Raiders are innovative and work together to solve problems instead of using cookie cutter strategies
Raiders sign up for raids a week in advance and raids are posted 2 weeks in advance
Raiders who sign up, show up
Raids start on time because people are on time, prepared, and always ready to go
Raids don't have tons of AFK's because people warn the raid leader in advance
Raids don't have loot drama because people focus more on success of the guild as a whole
Raids distribute loot quickly, efficiently, consistently, and fairly
Raids don't skip a beat when people leave because there are people on standby
Raids are filled with jokes and stories
Raid wipes are temporary setbacks with people doing FAST corpse runs / rebuffing after wipes
Raids have a consistent pace from hour to hour and week to week with a high level of activity
Raiders research fights 1-2 bosses ahead of current progression level
Raiders are constantly improving their playstyle / skills
Raiders want to WIN
Raiders enjoy doing old content for FUN
Raiders are happy to farm for OTHERS

The guild image:
The guild is seen as "one of those guilds" that is a staple of the server
The guild is known to be highly successful even though it's not "the best" in terms of progression
The guild is THE name that comes to mind for hardcore raiders who don't want to raid 4 days a week
The guild is known to be honorable and not filled with jerks
The guild helps represent the horde in battle, being called on and supports world PVP efforts
The guild leader is a respected member of the server community
The guild officers are also known in many respects
The guild officers are supported / respected by the members
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Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there; they cause change.
They motivate and inspire others to go in the right direction and they, along with everyone else, sacrifice to get there.
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