HILYMI: End of an Era

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HILYMI: End of an Era

Postby CyberVic » Fri May 31, 2013 3:29 pm

For those who don't frequent our website regularly or members who are super casual and haven't figured it out it yet... the guild has ended it's time in the hardcore raiding spotlight. As we began progressing through 25m Heroic Progression, less and less raiders started showing up to raid. We even had some people "come back" do farm content, see the whole raid instance, and then never logged in again. It's amazing how people lose interest at a certain point in the expansion when we're just getting to the fun hard stuff. But I digress. The 25m raid roster roller coaster struck again and this time the officers had it and threw up our collective hands. So we decided and announced about 3 weeks ago that the guild would no longer be raiding.

Much of the guild has stayed together in WoW under the Baddies banner. Avacado did a good job holding people together and finding homes in an agreeable place for most. Much of those who didn't follow Avacado simply quit the game either before or as a result of the guild... dissolving. After the decision was made that we weren't raiding anymore, I personally couldn't bring myself to even log in anymore. I'm tired of WoW and the raiding scene. The guild was the only thing keeping me playing.

So that is where it stands, but in other news... we are going to be continuing HILYMI in some sense as a casual gaming community. For those who have quit WoW and those who even still play WoW but want to play other games with us, I will be soon revamping this website for the purposes of setting up a HILYMI as a gaming community with various tools and features. There is a discussion I started here for more info.

I have a goal of getting things back up and running under this new setup by the 15th of June which is our 7th year anniversary. I will get basics done and running sometime this weekend ( mumble going again for example ).
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Re: HILYMI: End of an Era

Postby Ragnalok » Fri May 31, 2013 8:26 pm

unfortunately i won't be around for the anniversary, will be out of town until the following day :(
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